Appearance and Tree Advisory Committee – June 15, 2020

Meeting Agenda

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This document contains the agenda and additional material that was presented during the meeting

Appearance and Tree Advisory Committee – Agenda – June 15, 2020

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Roll call/quorum

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Approve Minutes of February 2020 meeting

Meeting Minutes for the February 17, 2020 meeting

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Old Business

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A. Entrance Plantings

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i) W. John St.

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ii) 51

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Discussion to determine if plants are blocking town entrance sign on W. John St.

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Detailed review of the landscaping at the town entrance sign on highway 51

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B. Legacy Tree Program

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Reviewing the tri-fold legacy tree brochure for accuracy and suggested changes

Living Legacy Tree Program Brochure

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Soliciting graphics ideas for the brochure from the committee members

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Discussion on funding for any changes and reprinting of the brochure

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i) Verbiage for signs

Discussion about labeling trees in matthews with signage to describe importance or uniqueness

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Discussion regarding the design and placement of the tree signage

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Revisiting the legacy tree brochure to point out incorrect information that needs to be changed

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ii) Potential locations

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iii) Generating submissions

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iv) Publicity

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New Business

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A. Flags on town property

i) Replace?
ii) Recommend American-made?

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Discussion on the subject of manufacturing origin and which town department makes the purchase

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Town staff provided information about town policy regarding flag purchase

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Discussion on how old flags are properly retired

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Town staff provided information on availability and location of flag collection boxes

The following topic was not listed in the meeting agenda but was a main point of discussion

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Veteran Memorial area at Stumptown Park – Remodeling and Funding

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Discussion about remodeling and landscaping the veterans memorial area at Stumptown Park

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Reviewing the condition of the landscaping around the Love art piece at Stumptown Park

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Discussion about how the community can become involved in beautifying the veteran memorial area

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Committee discussion on how it will participate in the project

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Committee chair person requests to open meeting to guest for comment

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Opening the meeting for further discussion on any other topics not on the agenda

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Discussing if next meeting in July 2020 will be in person or virtual

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Committee invites Mark Tofano to join the meeting and provide an update on the veteran area rennovation

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Questions of Mark Tofano about details of the plan

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Questions about the names on paver bricks leading to the memorial wall

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Questions about how to fund the project

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Motion to adjourn

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Questions from an honorary committee member (young son of Devin Rankin)