Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting – April 13, 2020

Meeting Agenda

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Regular Meeting Called to Order

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Pledge of Allegiance

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Consider Remote Participation Meeting Guidelines

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Receive Update on COVID-19 – Fire Chief Rob Kinniburgh

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Items to be Added to the Agenda

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Public Comment

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Recess Regular Meeting for Public Hearings on Applications to Amend the Unified Development Ordinance and Land Use Map of the Town of Matthews as Follows:
NOTE: No public hearing presentations or public comments will take place at this meeting. Public hearings will be opened and continued to June 8, 2020.

30:08 |

A. Zoning Application 2020-710/Inner Peaks: to change the text in the UDO Table 505.2-7 to add “P” under the B-3 Zoning district to allow “indoor commercial recreation not otherwise listed” as a permitted use in the B-3 zoning district continuation memo.
Continuation Memo

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B. Zoning Application 2020-711/Christlife Church: To change the conditions in that certain B-H(CD) district located at 1641 Matthews Township Parkway, and being the Christlife Church property, and further designated as Tax Parcels 193-292-23 & 23 E, to allow ballrooms, banquets, or meetings/catering halls as a permitted use continuation memo

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Reconvene Regular Meeting

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Planning and Development Business
A. Planning and Zoning Related Actions:

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Zoning Application 2020-709/BAPS: to change the zoning from R-15 and R/I(CD) to R/I(CD) on 3 parcels designated as 2416 Stevens Mill Road and 2021 and 2050 Independence Commerce Drive, and being property belonging to BAPS Charlotte LLC, and being further designated as Tax Parcels 215-094-02, 03 and 06 memo added 4/9.
Public Input
Current Site Plan
Staff Report

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Administrative Amendment – Plantation Estates

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Consent Agenda
A. Approve Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes: February 12 Special Meeting; March 9 Regular Meeting; March 16 Special Meeting
Draft Minutes – 2/12/2020
Draft Minutes – 3/9/2020
Draft Minutes – 3/16/2020

B. Accept Zoning Application 2020-712: Morris Family Investments, LLC; N. Freemont St; O to R-VS; and Set Public Hearing for June 8, 2020

C. Approve Budget Ordinance Amendment to Recognize Controlled Substance Tax Proceeds in the Amount of $192.34
Controlled Sub Tax

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Mayor’s Report

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Attorney’s Report

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Town Manager’s Report

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