Board of Commissioners – Special Meeting – Budget Review – May 18, 2020

Meeting Agenda

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The Board of Commissioners will hold a remote meeting using the Zoom remote meeting platform on Monday, May 18, 2020 starting at
6:00 pm for a workshop on the Fiscal Year 2020-21 budget.

Agenda and supporting documentation that was presented during the meeting

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Meeting Begins

Hazen Blodgett – Town Manager – Presents the budget

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Overview – Impacts of COVID-19 lockdown

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Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Budget Recap

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Question: Commissioner Renee Garner – Does sales tax figure include online sales
Reply: Hazen Blodgett

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Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Set Cost Increases

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Base salary increases to remain competitive

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Addressing using monies from the fund balance

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Possibly deferring capital improvements

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Revenues are looking strong for this fiscal year

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Question: Mayor Higdon – Why does the town manager feel that tax revenue will be strong during COVID-19 episode
Reply: Hazen Blodgett

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Comment: Becky Hawke – Asst Town Manager – Optimism based on Mecklenburg county projections

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Question: Commissioner Jeff Miller – What percentage of income is ad volorem taxes
Reply: Hazen Blodgett – 59%

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Comment: Commissioner Renee Garner – Optimism for revenue should be tempered by caution of recovery period
Reply: Hazen Blodgett

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Recommendation for raises for employees

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Comment: Commissioner Ken McCool – Feels that fund balance should not be touched until there is more centainty
Reply: Hazen Blodgett
General discussion ensues about fund balance appropriation

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Comment: Mayor Higdon – Does not want to delay survellance cameras or hardening police station
Reply: Hazen Blodgett – Perhaps wait until audit to make expenditure decisions
General discussion ensues about how to use fund balance

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Comment: Commissioner Larry Whitley – Defends the salary increases for fire, police and public works
General discussion ensues about salary increases

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Comment: Commissioner John Urban – Opposes any salary increases for any elected or town staff personnel

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Question: Commissioner Jeff Miller – When will restaurants be allowed to reopen
Reply: Hazen Blodgett
General discussion about health statistics affecting reopening

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Comment: Commissioner Larry Whitley – Restating his position on commissioners receiving pay raise
Reply: Hazen Blodgett – Re-emphasing the need for pay raises to be competitive
General discussion ensues about pay raises for staff with relation to surrounding towns
Discussion transforms into a general topic of how the COVID-19 will affect the economy
Heated conversation about pay raises for staff and elected officials continues
Conversation includes longevity pay and other pay incentives

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Comment: Commissioner Jeff Miller – Insisting that the lease parameters for the library be settled soon
Reply: Hazen Blodgett

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Comment: Jay Camp – Director of Planning – Revising 10 year plan

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Comment: Commissioner Larry Whitley – Bond referendum
Discussion ensues about bond referendum

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Question: Commissioner Renee Garner – Where is funding for community center window replacement
Reply: Hazen Blodgett
General discussion ensues about window replacement costs and other community center improvements

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Request: Commissioner Renee Garner – Wants to see reports from town departments prior to next budget session

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Comments: Rob Kinninburgh – Fire Chief – Passionate statements about insufficient staff and budget to run the fire
Discussion ensues about dificiency in fire department budget

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Comment: Commissioner Jeff Miller – Disputing cost of ballards in front of police station
Reply: Clark Pennington – Police Chief

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Comment: Commissioner Jeff Miller – Disputing cost of security cameras
Reply: Clark Pennington – Police Chief

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Closing Comments: Mayor John Higdon

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