Board of Commissioners – Special Meeting – June 22, 2020

Meeting Agenda

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The Board of Commissioners met with Police Chief Clark Pennington and staff to discuss current events.

This document was used by Chief Pennington during his presentation

Matthews Police Department Presentation Regarding Policies and Procedures

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Open Meeting

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Introduction of meeting participants

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Police Chief Clark Pennington begins presentation

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Overview of topics that will be presented

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Evolution of Internal Affairs / Discipline in MPD

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Office of Professional Standards / Internal Affairs

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Early Intervention Activation System

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Complaint process; from reception to review

0:03:23 |

Hiring practices and current demographics of the agency

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“8 can’t wait”

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De-escalation and CIT response model; Implicit Bias Training

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Multiple hats of law enforement (social work vs. enforcement)

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Chief’s Forum (Citizen advisory committee)

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What’s next

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EVOLUTION OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS – Matthews Police Department Complaint Process – History

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Review of the Chief’s accomplishments since appointed on 1/2018

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1st General Order was to revise Internal Investigation Policy

0:07:48 |

What has changed since Chief Pennington was installed

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Question: Mayor Higdon – When will complaints be reviewed with elected officials
Reply: Hazen Blodgett – Town Manager
General discussion begins

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Streamlined the ability of individuals to submit compliments / complaints

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Comment: Commissioner Renee Garner – Also wishes to have elected officials informed on a timely basis

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Matthews Police Department Complaint Reception Process

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Displaying the pamphlet “In Partnership With The Community” which details complaint process.

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CALEA coordinator position filled (Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies)

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Explanation of the value of CALEA accreditation (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforement Agencies)

0:26:15 |

Comment: Commissioner Larry Whitley – Agrees on the importance of prestige of a CALEA accreditation
Reponse: Chief Penningion

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Explanation of the process to obtain CALEA accreditation

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0:29:25 |

Adoption of IAPro software (Internal Affairs Pro) to track incidents

0:31:36 |

Explanation of first level of Early Intervention System – Detect officer behavior patterns

0:32:18 |

Explanation of second level of Early Intervention System – Tracking of incidents

0:34:54 |

Procedure to resolve incidents which activate the Early Intervention System

0:36:15 |

Explanation of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

0:36:37 |

Question: Commissioner Larry Whitley – Does EAP provide counseling for officers that may have been in a stressful situation while on duty
Reponse: Chief Penningion

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0:39:40 |

How are complaints processed

0:40:34 |

How are anonymous complaints processed

0:41:13 |

Explanation of types of complaints
Performance complaint
External complaint
Internally generated complaint
Professional standards complaints

0:44:09 |

What happens when an investigation is completed – How is the investigation classified

0:47:03 |

Flow chart of the complaint process

0:48:17 |

Drawing and flow chart of which personnel handle each aspect of the complaint

0:48:36 |

Additional steps taken during the complaint process

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Question: Commissioner Larry Whitley – what is the name of the HR attorney and police department attorney
Reply: Hazen Blodgett
Additional comments: Chief Pennington

0:54:30 |

Recruitment policy
Job fairs

0:55:34 |

21st Century Policing Initiatives

0:56:08 |

Demographics of the police department by ethnicity compared to community

0:57:37 |

Demographics of hiring since 2018

0:58:17 |

Question: Mayor Higdon – How many police officers are on the force
Reply: Chief Pennington

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A campaign to reduce force used by officers

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Question: Mayor Higdon – Are there any areas that the MPD does not meet 8 Can’t Wait guidelines
Reply: Chief Pennington

1:01:39 |

Explanation resumed of CIT Response Model

1:03:58 |

Question: Commissioner Ken McCool – Are there any social workers on or assigned to the force or are any officers trained as social workers
Reply: Chief Pennington

1:05:10 |

Question – Commissioner Renee Garner – About training of officers to recognize mental health issues
Reply: Chief Pennington
General discussion ensues

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CIT Response Model training for the Matthews PD

1:09:00 |

Implicit Bias Training

1:09:07 |

Question: Commissioner Renee Garner – Is there always a CIT officer on duty
Reply: Chief Pennington
General discussion ensues

1:11:35 |

Implicit Bias Training – resumed

1:12:20 |

Unconscious Bias Training

1:13:20 |

Question: Mayor Higdon – Are unconscious bias and racial bias the same
Reply: Chief Pennington

1:13:38 |


1:13:40 |

Social Work Hours vs. Enforcement

1:15:28 |

Comment: Commissioner Renee Garner – Perhaps officers should not be engaged in social work and are there better alternatives
Reply: Chief Pennington

1:17:35 |


The advisory committee will be made up of community members (residents / business owners / community leaders / religious leaders)

1:19:50 |

Action items
Encourage public engagement
Establish citizen advisory committees

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1:20:45 |

State and national accreditation

1:21:44 |

Citizen advisory committee

1:22:14 |

Open for question and answer period

1:22:28 |

Comment: Commissioner Larry Whitley – Commending Chief Pennington for having an action plan for the department

1:23:20 |

Comment: Chief Pennington – Asking board members to visit the station and support the officers

1:23:59 |

Comment: Commissioner Renee Garner – How can the board of commissioners express their confidence and appreciation to the officers and staff of MPD

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Comment: Mayor Higdon – Commending Chief Pennington regarding the low number of complaints and the high number of positive comments coming from the citizens

1:26:27 |

Comment: Hazen Blodgett – Reiterating the To Do for the town staff is to find a way to report police related incidents to the board of commissioners on a more timely basis

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Request: Commissioner Larry Whitley – Wants to know the names of all attorneys hired by the police department and how much they are being paid

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End of meeting