Economic Development Advisory Committee – June 10, 2020

Meeting Agenda

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An agenda for this meeting was not published. The entries below are listed to reference times during the meeting that may be of interest to the viewer.
The CARES Act is mentioned frequently during this meeting. To find out more about the CARES Act, please go to:

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Open the meeting

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Cindy Sikorski – Analysis of CARES Act to determine what is was about and how the funds could be used.

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Comments and Questions:

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Marcie Kelso – Questioning if the town of Matthews has already applied.

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Becky Hawke – Replies with additional information about Mecklenburg County management of CARES Act funds.

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Cindy Sikorski – Asks about how specific the grant application needs to be

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Marcie Kelso – Responds with providing online examples of applications

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Becky Hawke – Provides further insight into how the funds will be distributed

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Marcie Kelso – Asks how many businesses in Matthews received personal protection equipment (PPE)

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Kim Gossage – Responds with information

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Randy Mitchell – Asks how much money potentially will come to Matthews

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Becky Hawke – Provides additional information

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Discussion followed

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Becky Hawke – Clarifies the intent of the CARES Act

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Discussion followed

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Kim Gossage – Shares screen and provides presentation for Love Matthews 2.0

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Discussion followed about the use of the gift cards and alternate solutions

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Randy Mitchell – Asks if CARES Act monies can be used to cover lost revenue for non profits due to cancelling Matthews Alive

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Discussion followed about non-profits

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Becky Hawke – Questions the use of SWAG (Souvenirs, Wearables and Gifts) with CARES Act funds

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Discussion followed about the ability and effectiveness to use SWAG

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Randy Mitchell – Questions if both non-profits and commercial business support efforts can be run simultaneously

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Discussion followed about how to do that

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Steve Thomson – Asking if the town budget will allow for any town expenditures

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Becky Hawke – Informs committee about the 2020-2021 budget for tourism funds

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Steve Thomson – Attempts to set a dollar amount for the efforts

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Randy Mitchell – Suggests any expenditures are split evenly between non-profits and commercial businesses

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Discussion followed on how to split money amount ~70 non-profits and businesses

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Discussion on how to link COVID-19 to fund request

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Becky Hawke – Recaps points in the meeting, summarizes and arrives at dollar amounts

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Tim Jones – Will marketing costs be deducted from the commercial business share

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Discussion on how to split marketing costs

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Steve Thomson – Discusses having another meeting to work out the details

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Discussion on who will attend a sub-group meeting

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