Economic Development Advisory Committee – June 2, 2020

Meeting Agenda

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An agenda for this meeting was not published. The entries below are listed to reference times during the meeting that may be of interest to the viewer.
The CARES Act is mentioned frequently during this meeting. To find out more about the CARES Act, please go to:

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Open the meeting

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Discussion – Is there a role that EDAC can play to assist businesses as they emerge from the COVD-19 restrictions

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Restating Tasks

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Adding questions to the citizen questionaire

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Consider how to get jobs into Matthews

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Creating a small area plan from a business perspective
Discussion about convention centers and business oriented hotels

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Continued discussion on the role of EDAC

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Comments about the effectiveness of Chamber of Commerce webinars

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How to let business people know about webinar schedule

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Is the town staff hearing from businesses with concerns that EDAC can address
Additional discussion on if it is productive to approach developers directly

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Discussion on CARES Act funding availability and potential uses

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Discussion on paying people their wages with unique currency (i.e. 2 dollar bills, silver dollars, etc.) so that these currencies would show up in the local economy to show how residents support local businesses

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What role can Red Brick Partnership play

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Possibly holding a “Back to Business” celebration event

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Discussion about the possibility of using gift cards to be used at local businesses

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Can local business group together and purchase virus protection supplies to lower costs and have them branded.

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Additional conversation about CARES Act funding uses and availability

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What is the status of the building next to the post office

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How to apply for a grant to implement the programs discussed

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Questions about the “Matthews Love” campaign and how that method may be used to implement EDAC ideas for shop local campaigns

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Questioning if Beach Fest will still be produced this year in October

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Discussion about when businesses will be fully open and how that will affect plans to promote local businesses

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Questions about what entities can use CARES Act monies

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Questions about Matthews budget for EDAC for next fiscal year

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Comments that EDAC should make preparations for fully opening businesses even if that date is unknown

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Discussing when to hold the next meeting

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Motion to adjourn