Education Advisory Committee – June 9, 2020

Meeting Agenda

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  • (JM) Commissioner Jeff Miller
  • (KM) Kelly Morri
  • (BH) Becky Hawke – Asst town mgr.
  • (JR) Jenny Reill
  • (EH) Erin Harper – Chairperson
  • (JS) Joanna Schimizzi
  • (JG) Jay Grimes
  • (KS) Kristen Shaben
  • (DJ) Dane Jackson
  • (SW) Susannah White

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I. Call to Order & Declare Quorum

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II. Review and Approval of Minutes from March’s Meeting

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Vote to approve

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III. SchoolData Collection Next Steps:

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Review of the purpose of the meeting and to review the document format for data

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a. CMS Information Received

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b. Brainstorm formatting of information

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(JM) – Suggests to keep format in Microsoft Excel rather than Google Sheet and convert to PDF
(BH) – Town is trying to move away from PDF on websites due to ADA compliance

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(JS) – Would like to see data presented so that those of different levels of proficiency can have it available in the format with which they feel most comfortable

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(SW) – Agreeing with Joanna
General conversation ensues

0:07:18 |

(AB) – Suggesting Google Sheets instead of Microsoft Excel
General discussion ensues

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(AB) – Suggested having a managed service to supply documentation to the public

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(EH) – How to format the data in the spreadsheet

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(JM) – Suggests presenting the data by school grade
General discussion ensues
Suggestion of tutorial video for users of the data spreadsheet
Suggestion to list schools in alphabetical order

0:18:14 |

(KS) – Has all of the information been gathered from CMS that was requested

0:18:30 |

(EH) – Synopsis

0:19:10 |

(AB) – Does not believe horizontal layout is going to work
General discussion on horizontal versus vertical layout ensue

0:27:29 |

(JS) – Does the town have a contract with anyone that does Google managed services
(BH) – Will get more information
General discussion on how to use Google Sheets
Discussions on data formatting standards

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(JS) – Need support information besides school data, such as contact information of schools. Also, there should be subgroups in the committee that are responsible for cleaning data and updating data

0:47:23 |

(JM) – re-iterating names of subgroup volunteers
Data Organization – Adam Brooks, Kelly Morris, Jay Grymes, Joanna Schimizzi
Q&A Page – Erin Harper, Susannah White, Jenny Reill, Kristen Shaben, Dane Jackson

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(JM) – What is the content of the Q&A page
Reply: Erin Harper

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(JS) – Information needs to have an explanation about the diversity breakdown to contribute to the anti-racism effort

General discussion about diversity ensues

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(JM) – Provides update on his activity with Municiple Education Advisory Committee (MEAC) and their meeting schedule

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IV. Next Meeting Dates: July 14, 2020 and August 11, 2020

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Suggesting 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month for subgroups to meet

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V. Adjourn