Parks & Recreation – Advisory Committee – June 10, 2020

Meeting Agenda

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Advisory Committee members:
Chair – Howie Labiner
Vice Chair – Vacant
Harvey Boyd
Ryan Maclatchie
Sandi Lee
John Gatlin
Debbie Chopas
Susan Chambers
Scott Rossmeisl

This document is used during the meeting Parks & Rec Avidsory Committeed Meeting Agenda – June 10, 2020

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Call to Order

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Roll Call

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Public Comment

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Division Reports:

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Corey King – Presenting modified schedule
Restarting summer camps on July 6, 2020 with modified schedule
Describes restriction of summer camp attendance due to virus precautions

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a) Special Events
All town events cancelled until October, 2020
Food Truck Fridays events undetermined at this time

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Question: Are any openings in the summer camp program
Currently limited to 10 for camp enrollment

Question: Will the camps be more expensive due to lower enrollment allowed
Should not result in higher cost per attendee

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b) Athletics

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c) Parks/Outdoor Recreation

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Parks are open – Playgrounds still closed

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Question: what is the definition of “closed”

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Discussion about caution tape around playground equipment

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Discussion about some camp instructors requiring masks to be worn

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Question: will any of the towns open meeting rooms be able to be used for classes, etc.

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Questions: has the town considered using Zoom for classes
Reply – Yes, some classes have been virtual since March, 2020

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Question: Is staff still working remotely
Reply – In the office part time with staggered presence

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Comments about public art at Community Center
Comments about Crews Recreation Center logo

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Comments about the Youth Force gaming

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Question: Food Truck Friday schedule
Discussion about whether Food Truck Friday will be successful if allowed

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Discussion about limiting number of people allowed entering Food Truck Friday

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May open Food Truck Friday in last week of July, 2020

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Discussion about having a pre-attendance sign up for Food Truck Friday

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d) Cultural Recreation

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Director’s Report

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a) FY21 Budget Update
Discussion of highlights of budget

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Presenting information about the Dog Park

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Question: what is the completion date of the Dog Park

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Presenting information about intersection of Trade and Matthews Station Street

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Question: what is planned for the grassy area in front of town hall

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Reply – working with the developer-owner on ideas of how to utilize it

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Discussion about using it for restaurant diners and possible violation of ABC regulations

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How many people can fit into the community center auditorium with COVID-19 restrictions

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Discussion about allowing family members to closely group in public meeting rooms

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Discussing visit to historic cemetery behind apartment development on Monroe Road

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b) Plan for Facility Reopening

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Old Business

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New Business

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